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About us

After being involved in crystal creation (Daum, Cristal de Bretagne), in porcelain design (Bernardaud, Groupe Deshoulières) and in goldsmiths ( Roux Marquiand), the artist Stéphane Galerneau shows us his dreamlike approach of art foundry and brings us into a world where every object is an exceptional piece. Through his collection, he shares with us his love for nature, including its shapes,  material and texture.  With craft work and meticulous research, close to goldsmith, he makes pieces with an alloy of pewter finely gilded which are like an invitation to a dream.


His wife, Isabelle Deshoulières also comes from the tableware and the decorative circles. She is the 7th generation of a porcelain family, located in the Poitou region, a company called “Deshoulières” for which she has been working for 10 years. In 2006, she decided to create her own company with Stéphane Galerneau.


Located in the middle west of France, nearby Poitiers, at 350 km south of Paris, the company “Création Galant” benefits from a natural environment, between forest, countryside and small villages rich of history and traditions.

All the pieces are made at the workshop. Using wood, resin or plaster, Stéphane Galerneau sculpts every model by hand. Then, he creates moulds for all the parts composing the final piece. Melting, burring, welding, polishing, are also entirely made by hand. Then the treatment of surface is carried out  in tree steps: coppering, nickel plating and gilding into an electrolytic bath. The pieces are once again polished and given a patina before being displayed in the most prestigious shops around the world.

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